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Write and gather feedback in a simple, continuous and engaging way.

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Meaningful feedback at the time it matters

Continuous reviews

Give praise for work well done, suggest improvements. Continuously promotes transparency on your organization by turning feedback in an open, simple and continuous process.

Short and focused

Forget about those long forms with dozens of questions and clunky interfaces. Continuously's feedback is based on #tags and a brief comment. Just like a Tweet! #PieceOfCake

Ask your colleagues

What did I do well? What can I improve? Direct your questions to the peers whose opinion matter the most for you and get immediate feedback.

Not just peers

Continuous improvement doesn't stop on each individual. With Groups, you can review and give feedback to teams, departments or initiatives.

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Third-party integrations

With our third-party integrations, we take the feedback cycle to where the work happens.


Leave feedback directly from each ZenDesk ticket when they're closed.


Quickly send feedback via the @Continuously Slackbot. It's like talking to a real person!


Single-sign-on with your company's Google Apps account, so you don't need to remember yet another password.

Engaging & insightful

Know your team at a glance

With Tags, understanding your organization becomes much easier. You can know, at a glance, which teams are the most #Open, which learning initiatives are the best for #ContinuousImprovement and so on.


A feedback coach for your organization

Gathering feedback couldn't be easier. Thanks to our exclusive Slack integration, it' just a matter of popping open a private chat with the @continuously bot and speaking your mind!


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